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Monty Stevens


As the first word in our company title implies....We are all about theatre! Our goal is to bring professional quality theatre to the area, be it comedy, drama, reader's theatre, musicals, dinner theatre or as in our inaugural iconic Christmas show, a 1940's radio drama! 


Most audience members will have never seen such a performance as this but at the final curtain, we believe you'll realize the viewers are as necessary as the actors on stage.  From the sound effects to the myriad voices the actors use to the atmosphere created by all this human interaction, we believe you'll agree with us that Not a Dying Art.


Katrina Roberts
Director - It's a Wonderful Life

Welcome to Theatre…Not a Dying Art’s radio on-stage performance of It's a Wonderful Life!


This story is a staple of our mission: Theatre...Not A Dying Art explores human identity through the plays it produces and the community we serve.  Theatre helps people see themselves in situations presented on the stage.  It's a Wonderful Life explores the power of doing good.  We see on stage that doing the right thing is hard, but ultimately rewarding.  As we see George Bailey processing and communicating his emotions, the audience is invited to join him on his journey of self discovery. 

Emily Franks
Director - Tick, Tick...BOOM!

Welcome to Theatre…Not a Dying Art’s performance of Tick, Tick...BOOM!


Jonathan Larson encourages the audience to pursue their ambitions. One question repeated throughout the story musical is “fear or love?” Are our actions governed by our love for the subject or by fear of failure? The musical teaches us that if we pursue something out of love, we are not wasting our time.

Larson’s tale is also a cautionary one, warning the audience to not allow this ambition to blind them to other parts of their life. Jonathan struggles with juggling his relationships and passions, making several blunders as he frequently gets his priorities wrong — a very human and relatable dilemma familiar to many individuals first entering adulthood. Jonathan’s experience shows the audience that even the most talented and famous artists go through the same struggles as us.


Theatre...Not a Dying Art (T...NADA) is a theater company in eastern Washington dedicated to the production of quality, live theater productions.  For years discussions about the need for an annual Christmas show (along with the wonderful local Nutcracker ballet) have been circulating around the theater community.   Miracle on 34th Street is the perfect addition for Christmas entertainment and tradition in eastern Washington.


T...NADA is a registered 501 (c) (3).  All donations are welcome and tax deductible.  

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