Monty Stevens


As the first word in our company title implies....We are all about theatre! Our goal is to bring professional quality theatre to the area, be it comedy, drama, reader's theatre, musicals, dinner theatre or as in our inaugural iconic Christmas show, a 1940's radio drama! 


Most audience members will have never seen such a performance as this but at the final curtain, we believe you'll realize the viewers are as necessary as the actors on stage.  From the sound effects to the myriad voices the actors use to the atmosphere created by all this human interaction, we believe you'll agree with us that Theatre,,,is Not a Dying Art.


Katrina Carlson


Welcome to Theatre...Not a Dying Art's (T...NADA) first production of It's a Wonderful Life, adapted for radio-stage by Tony Palermo. T...NADA proudly presents this unique holiday production to the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas with our plan that it becomes an annual family tradition. 

The production of this show was inspired when we were visiting my children in Chicago and we attended an on-stage radio broadcast. This production exceeded our expectations by giving us the same energy and emotions as a dynamic stage play.

This story reminds us of the fragility of our own lives. How many lives have we touched by living our own? How would the world be without us?  What's truly important to each of us? As Clarence, the angel, asks, "Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"  This message resonates throughout the year and is certainly a poignant reminder as we gather with our loved ones this time of year.

Enjoy the show!

Theatre...Not a Dying Art (T...NADA) is a theater company in eastern Washington dedicated to the production of quality, live theater productions.  For years discussions about the need for an annual Christmas show (along with the wonderful local Nutcracker ballet) have been circulating around the theater community.   It's a Wonderful Life, adapted for stage by Tony Palermo, is the perfect addition for Christmas entertainment and tradition in eastern Washington.


T...NADA is a registered 501 (c) (3).  All donations are welcome and tax deductible.  

This entire show is available for private productions.  You can rent this production for a great holiday gathering for employees and their families for any company or group.  Maximum seating is approximately 120.  Please contact T…NADA staff at 509-713-6829 for more information.